Tools For Self Awareness Pt.2

At the start of November, we began discussing the idea of seeking to understand ourselves, in particular, that understanding ourselves helps us also know God. (Find that here) Two weeks ago, we looked at a few personality tests that can help us begin to understand some of the ways that we operate, and some of... Continue Reading →

Tools for Self Awareness

Last month we began talking about the importance of self-awareness. (If you missed that post you can find it here: The Journey Towards Self Awareness) In particular, we looked at how self-awareness not only helps us know ourselves and know God, but that those two things are inextricably linked. John Calvin said, “Without knowledge of... Continue Reading →


My reflection has been when we do something a lot; we eventually become complacent. I think because of the volume of words we speak we forget the incredible power that they have.

Why Questions Trump Answers

I've been asking a lot of questions lately. Having recently moved to a new city, a new church, starting a new job and meeting a lot of new people, questions are becoming somewhat of a constant companion. As a result I’m realising the importance of questions. The right questions seem to have a power that... Continue Reading →

Say YES to new adventures!

My last couple of months has seen a lot of change happen in my life. After six years of being on staff at York Street Church of Christ, I finished up. God was calling me to an exciting new adventure. I finished up in April, said goodbye to my friends, my family, and my gorgeous... Continue Reading →

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