The Growth Mandate

Life begins with two cells coming together (you know the ones) over the next 25 years those cells split, adapt and develop into a fully formed human being. As one of those fully developed 25-year-old human beings, it is incredible to think of the growth that has taken place in me. Physically my growth has happened naturally without any real effort (although my mum would disagree when it came to feeding a teenage boy). As I move further away from 25, there is now little physical growth that will take place. I’m not going to get any taller, and my brain is fully developed. However, I want to continue to grow in places that I still can. That is, as a man, in my ability to navigate life, demonstrate my faith and as a leader in my world. However, figuring out what this growth looks like is the hard part.

I was having lunch with my dad recently, discussing how I felt that I wasn’t growing fast enough. I complained that I was stagnating. Lovingly, he looked at me and said, “Ben, a tree grows, and it just stands still.” When we look at a tree today we may not see growth, but see the same tree a year later, and it won’t be the same. Therefore, growth doesn’t have to be noticeable to be legitimate. Have you noticed that your interactions with a particular person aren’t healthy? That’s growth. Have you decided that you want to pray more? That decision is in itself growth.

While growth isn’t always noticeable, it is something we do have to work at. Ultimately, if we don’t to determine to grow, we have then committed to staying the same. A decision not to grow is a decision to remain stuck in our ways, closed off to advice and dealing with the same problems over and over again. Choosing to grow is a choice to do, and be, better. I know that when I get to 50, I want to be a better leader with greater integrity, capacity and ability to fulfill my role as a disciple of Christ. However, this will only happen if I choose to allow it and am willing to work at it.

My goal with the Growth Mandate is to help you achieve the very same things. I want to take this journey together. To see us become more faithful and fulfilled leaders. I aim to share my thoughts, revelations to stir a desire for continual growth in you. I also want to connect those of you who are willing with others seeking growth. Finally, the three key areas of growth include desire, truth, and community.

Now, all you need to do is click subscribe in the bottom right corner and you and I will start our journey. I’m excited to grow together in life, leadership, and faith.


8 thoughts on “The Growth Mandate

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  1. Great post. 🙂
    Growing to me means, refuse to give in to lame excuses. It means you are willing to learn and to accept your mistakes, it means to get out of your comfort zone and let go of your ego, when it’s not helping.


  2. The tree analogy is a good one. I drove back to a neighborhood I hadn’t lived in in ten years, and the trees were the first thing I noticed. They were so much bigger! I had to sort of “get over” the sight of the trees in order to start looking at houses and recognizing them and where I was. I think it was Steve Jobs who said that you can only measure progress by looking backward. Seeing where you were is what helps you recognize where you are. And I truly believe that that’s why God requires us to be patient. It just takes time. Continued effort leads to growth OVER TIME. So we have to slowly and consistently try.


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