17 months ago, I moved into a new house. When you move into a house, you have to connect a few utilities. One of them being the internet. Thanks to a beautiful bureaucratic dance we didn’t get it installed. For 17 months, we lived without the online world. Time after time we had our heart broken as companies informed us that it would be fixed soon, only for them to pass the buck to somebody else. Which is why on August the 24th after our internet had been installed I was the most thankful man in the world. It all sank in when I turned on my PS4 and spent 9 hours downloading 17 months of updates.

Thankfulness is easy to have in moments where we receive what we have been waiting for, or someone goes the extra mile for us. I believe that as a people, thankfulness impacts us in three different ways which we will look at now.

Thankfulness fixes our gaze.

The first and most foundational is that thankfulness reminds us of God’s goodness.

In Psalm 103:2-5 says ”Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not all his benefits. Who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases? Who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion? Who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s?”

The moment that we stop being thankful we forget all the ways that God is good to us. Thankfulness fixes your gaze because it helps you see God’s goodness all around.
Thankfulness is critical for us as followers of Christ. In our world, that is so discontent it is hard to be thankful. It is easy to get into comparing ourselves to others, to develop dissatisfaction with what we have. This way of looking at things causes us to be bitter and miss what God has already given us.

I realised how thankful I am that I can have a computer, a desk to work from and a comfortable chair to sit on. Neither is special, in fact, the desk is super old and way too small. Thankfulness helps me recognise the gift they are.

Thankfulness is contagious

The second is that thankfulness edifies us, but it also edifies others.

Articulating what we are thankful for is a great reminder of all that God has done for us. It doesn’t stop with us, though.

Thankfulness is contagious. When I am listening to the thankfulness of others, it reminds me of why I am thankful. When someone says they are thankful for their family, I remember that I am also thankful for my family. If someone says they are thankful for friends, I become thankful for the friends I have.

You can create an outbreak of thankfulness in your world. You just need to start articulating it for others to here.

Being thankful reminds us of God’s goodness, but it also helps remind others of God’s goodness because Thankfulness is contagious.

Thankfulness helps us see our worth

I think this is often the least recognised aspect of thankfulness. I believe that this is the case because we fail to let it lead us to this realisation.

When we receive a surprise gift from someone, or someone helps us perform a task we couldn’t do on our own, we are often thankful. How often do we then let that remind us of how valued we are by others?

Anytime we are thankful for something God or someone else has done we can look at it as a sign of the value they place on us.

Any action that brings on a sense of thankfulness is an action we can let remind us our worth.


Thankfulness is an important attitude for us to develop as people.

It reminds us of God’s goodness to us. It’s contagious and causes others to be thankful. It reminds us of the incredible value we have, setting us free from insecurity and self-hatred.

I hope you have been challenged to be more thankful in your lives, start now by leaving a comment with three things that make you thankful. I’ll kick it off by saying, I’m thankful for your support; I’m thankful for my family, and I’m thankful for the simple gift of being alive.

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3 thoughts on “THANKFULFILLED

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  1. Such a terrific post. I love this line: You can create an outbreak of thankfulness in your world.
    I try to practice thankfulness every day as well. The world is filled with so much negativity and darkness. Having a grateful heart helps me stay positive and able to see God’s blessings instead of
    focusing on my (or the world’s) problems or hardships. I try to spread the spirit of gratitude on my blog every “Thankful Thursday”. I found your blog because I was searching for other bloggers who promote this spirit of gratitude. God bless you and your ministry.


  2. “It is easy to get into comparing ourselves to others, to develop dissatisfaction with what we have.” This has been me much of my life. As I’m growing older, I’m realizing much of what I used to covet or compare to means nothing in the end. Beautiful blog.


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