Top 3 of February 2018

Towards the end of last year, I felt challenged to take my blogging a little more seriously, particularly about seeing it as a community of people committed to having a growth mindset.

As a part of this, I felt like not only should I be writing more regularly, but I should be sharing what has been helping me grow, whether blog posts, podcasts, books, bible verses, or anything else that comes to mind.

The plan to do that is to do a Top 3 of the month, where I share, the Top 3 things I have read, listened to or thought about and why they were beneficial to me.

Without further ado here are my Top 3 for February 2018.


  1. Craig Groeschel – Giving Feedback

    This podcast is a game changer in its own right, Craig Groeschel is the leader of Lifechurch which is a huge multi-campus church in America. His content is always excellent, insightful and engaging.
    This podcast though was incredibly helpful. Giving feedback is something not many of us do well, and Craig laid down some really clear ways to make giving feedback easier for us to do and more beneficial for those receiving it. The most helpful thing he talked about was that at times we deal with people who have good intentions but the impact was anything but good. Often this is a hard conversation to have because you knew they meant well. Craig encourages us to acknowledge the intention but to help them understand the actual impact that the action had. That lesson alone is worth the listen. Find that episode here:
  2. Francis and Lisa Chan – You and Me Forever: Marriage in light of eternity.

    This one is again about Marriage, but a resource that I think we should all be reading before we get married (I know I wish I did) Francis and Lisa Chan are inspirational in their passion to have the best marriage that they can, while also being challenging on what the real purpose of marriage is. We often think the purpose of marriage is to have a happy marriage, they would say that the purpose of marriage is to make disciples since this is the call of all Christians. It’s been a challenging and inspiring read, one that has helped me think bigger about the purpose of marriage, and my role as a husband. A great book, worth a read or listen to (It is available of Audible) here is a link to purchase the book or to find out more:
  3. Perry Noble – 4 reasons to break out of your routine

    Whatever your thoughts on Perry Noble are, this episode of his podcast is great, often we love routine as we find what works best for us. Yet eventually routine leads to comfort, which leads to stuck in a rut thinking, perspective and experience of life.
    Perry encourages us all to break up our routine to break out of these experiences. Particularly that break out of our routine will change our perspective and therefore bring new insight into our work, our visions, our marriages all things worth getting a change of perspective on at times. Well worth a listen, to encourage you to take a break from your routines. Find it here:


I hope this months Top 3 can be as helpful to you as they have to me!

Keep growing,

Ben Dainton


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