The Basics of Harvesting: It’s not just what you sow

Two years ago, I was living with a couple of mates, one of them decided that he wanted to grow his own herbs and spices for his meals. He went out and bought himself a chili in a cup. Basically, it is what it sounds like, you grow chilies in a cup, and it provides all that you need, the dirt, the seeds, the cup. (I know, groundbreaking stuff.)

He started trying to grow these seeds, but he didn’t really water them, he didn’t put it in the sun, and ultimately he didn’t really invest in the process. Eventually, these chilies died, never producing any fruit.

I’ve been reflecting on the principle of reaping what you sow, especially now that I am married and my wife and I are trying to get our finances in order. And this story came back to my mind because there has been something that I have been reflecting on, because my housemate, sowed chilies but didn’t reap any? And I am sure that you have had that experience, whether it was that you wanted to sow love in your relationships, but feel like you didn’t reap love in your marriage. Or that you wanted to sow kindness, but wondered why you never reaped kindness at school.


All of us want to have a good return on the investment of our time and energy, we want to reap what we sow. Yet I often think that we forget, not only do we reap what we sow. We reap WHERE we sow.


It’s a pretty clear principle for us to see, in the horrific case of an affair. Someone who begins by wanting to reap love starts to sow love, unfortunately, though they are sowing love outside of their marriage. Eventually, they begin to see the seed of their love growing and keep investing, and eventually reap ‘love’ in the form of an affair. Technically they reaped what they sowed, the issue was where they had sown that seed.

This I believe is important for us to understand, that we must be people who not only think about what we want to reap in our life, but where we want to reap it.

Say you want to experience greater community in your life, chances are that you have a variety of different places for community, whether it’s at school, at uni, at church, at your sporting club, at your dance academy. All of these are places where you can decide to invest in a community, the question is where are you wanting to reap community? Do you want to find your community at school or church? Because depending on your answer to that, determines where you should invest your energy and effort.

It’s a simple principle but one that we need to be aware of in our life. The best way to be on it is through asking 2 important questions.


What do you want to reap from your life? And where do you want to reap it from?


If you can answer these two questions in your life, you will know what you want to reap, where you want to reap it and now will have the clarity to know where you want to invest your time, energy, money, love.

These two questions will help you reap what you sow, and reap it from where you wanted it.

The great thing is, my friend, realised that with his first lot of chilies, he hadn’t invested enough time and energy to make them grow. He recently went out and bought some more, and has been caring for them with fertiliser, giving it the right amount of water, sunlight and anything else it needed to grow. Now he is about to reap his first harvest of chillies. Because he decided to invest where he had sown, and now he is reaping from it.

May this be the reality for you in every area of your life, that you would cultivate and reap a rich harvest, exactly where you desired to see lasting growth and fruit in!

Keep growing,

Ben Dainton


8 thoughts on “The Basics of Harvesting: It’s not just what you sow

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  1. Hey Ben good thoughts, also reflecting on the weeds that spring up when we sow. The weeds, maybe distractions can take away our focus as well.


  2. Really loved your two important questions at the end, they definitely put this concept into focus and make it practical for our everyday lives. Thanks for sharing!


  3. I am not sure if I ever knew what I wanted to reap from life. I am just kind of wandering through. Oh well. Wherever I am going, I hope my final destination is a calm and peaceful place.
    I also wrote about the perils of following the heart’s desire without considering the consequences. Some things are simply not meant to be and, in certain situations (such as an affair), reaping what you sow can be extremely painful!


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