Top 3 of March 2018

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We are back again for the Top 3 books, audiobooks, podcasts or blogs of March 2018.

This month was filled with great content, but these 3 stood out and in no particular order we have.

Brene Brown – Braving The Wilderness

This book was incredible, Brene Brown helps us break down what it means to truly connect with others. In a world that technologically is the most connected it has ever been, yet the most disconnected relationally. Brene invites us to learn to be our true selves to find the connection that we are looking for. One of the things that was most profound for me was that Brene said in her research that they found we were boxing ourselves in to similar people groups, thinking it would bring a greater sense of connection, but that actually it was causing us to lose connection as we tried to manage our image to fit in with those who we thought we had to be like.

Instead, she said to find others who were different to us and to learn to accept them as they accept us. A great read and a challenging read, as it encouraged me to step out and truly connect with others. Make sure you connect with this book here:

Andy Stanley – Communicating for Change

Andy Stanley is one of the best communicators in the Church. Gifted with a talent for declaring God’s truth in a way that keeps us engaged and walking away knowing how that truth can change our lives. I know this book is a little older (he mentions a PS2 at one point). However the truth of this book is still applicable, he has 7 imperatives for communication, as well as a fantastic communication formula. (Me, We, God, You, We.)

For anyone who has their hearts set on communicating in any forum, this book will help you learn from one of the best communicators out there. And here is a link to get it:

Frank Bealer – The Myth of Balance

Finally, we finish with Frank Bealer’s book The Myth of Balance. This book is short, simple and yet offers a profound formula for you to manage the many things that life throws at you, and to help you give up on the mythical beast called balance. In particular his “If This, Then That” formula is gold, for dealing with the regular, unscheduled interruptions to our daily or weekly routines.

If you are struggling in the search for balance, make sure you read this book, you can find it here:

That’s the top 3 for March 2018, make sure you subscribe to keep up to date with the Top 3’s throughout 2018, so you can be shown and pointed to material that will help you keep growing.

Ben Dainton



3 thoughts on “Top 3 of March 2018

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  1. We love Andy Stanley’s work, and really enjoyed Carey Nieuwhof’s focus on Millennials. It’s so true they are down to earth and looking for things every church could provide – if churches would be willing to set aside their trappings and focus on the mission!


    1. Agreed, they really aren’t as hard to reach as people say, there are some key things that I believe churches should offer that they crave. Things like intentional community, authenticity grace for questions. We do have to be reminded of the mission constantly!

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