Top 3 of April

Top 3 of April


We are back again for the Top 3 books, audiobooks, podcasts or blogs of April 2018.

This month was filled with great content, but these 3 stood out and in no particular order we have.


The Last Arrow – Erwin McManus


This book is one of those books that leaves you wanting to go out and change the world.
I think it’s because not only did Erwin get a cancer diagnosis as he was doing the final edits of this book, but because if you follow him on social media, or via his podcasts you know he lives his life with such passion and energy for changing the world.

The two main premises of the book are that we should never stop until God tells us to stop and that we shouldn’t leave anything left in the tank in this life.

He uses biblical stories to illustrate this, in particular, the story of Elisha and King Jehoash, who comes to Elisha wanting to have Elisha’s blessing of victory before Elisha dies. As part of this Elisha tells the King to strike the arrows he hands him on the ground, Jehoash only does so 3 times, and Elisha is disappointed and angry that he didn’t keep striking, and ultimately it costs the king having complete victory over his enemies.

Erwin argues that this what happens for of us in our life, we give up to early, we leave something in the tank. This book will inspire you to never give up on the promises of God and to not leave anything in the tank at the end of this life.

You can find it here:


You Are What You Love – James K. A. Smith


James K. A. Smith, helps us understand that we are more than the sum of our thoughts. Which he argues is a commonly held belief in the west, based on the statement “I think therefore I am.” He believes this has ended up being an overemphasis of our discipleship and focus.

Rather he would argue that we are the sum of our loves, and that we can see our loves, not through what we think but what we do. That our ritualistic, repetitive behaviours are a greater indicator of our loves, and he argues are even more influential in shaping the order of our heart.

He argues that we don’t just do things, but that these things do something to us. One of the most illuminating things he proposes was the liturgical and ritualistic practices we find at shopping centers and how these shape our heart and our loves.

This book is worth purchasing for that revelation alone. I haven’t been able to look at or go to a shopping center in the same way since it.

If you are interested in learning more about why habits have a big say in who you are and how to leverage them to help you grow, then find this book here:


Hello Gen Z – Claire Madden


As someone who works almost exclusively with Gen Z, (that’s right even my volunteers are mainly Gen Z.) This book was incredibly insightful. Full of real-life stories from both young adults and teenagers who are growing up as Gen Z meant that this book had a really great feel for both the statistics, but also the mindset of Gen Z.

My favourite sections were about leading Gen Z, which really focused on the relational importance of the place they are working or volunteering, but also the need for high levels of collaboration. These were great insights that have already helped me to think about how to create this for my leaders.

The other section about education was insightful around the idea that Gen Z, are highly distracted and love immersive, high sense driven learning. Which I think has important implications for the future of the Church, and is something that we really need to begin to engage with, in a meaningful way, so that we are helping Gen Z learn about the Gospel.
I highly recommend this book for those who work with or lead Gen Z. You can find it here:

That’s the top 3 for April 2018, make sure you subscribe to keep up to date with the Top 3’s throughout 2018, so you can be shown and pointed to material that will help you keep growing.

Ben Dainton


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