I love setting goals. If I don’t have anything I'm aiming for I tend to wander aimlessly through life looking for something to do, to achieve, to accomplish. Something that I can use to see how I am going. Goals drive me through life. So as 2017 rolls around you would imagine I am in... Continue Reading →


17 months ago, I moved into a new house. When you move into a house, you have to connect a few utilities. One of them being the internet. Thanks to a beautiful bureaucratic dance we didn't get it installed. For 17 months, we lived without the online world. Time after time we had our heart... Continue Reading →

The Holiness Lens

Have you ever had a moment of clarity about what drives another human being? That moment where it was as if you just saw straight into their soul. I had a moment like that recently, not with another person but with God. In my pursuit to be the best follower of Christ I can be,... Continue Reading →

The Growth Mandate

Life begins with two cells coming together (you know the ones) over the next 25 years those cells split, adapt and develop into a fully formed human being. As one of those fully developed 25-year-old human beings, it is incredible to think of the growth that has taken place in me. Physically my growth has happened naturally without any real effort (although my mum would disagree when it came to feeding a teenage boy). As... Continue Reading →

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