Top 3 of February 2018

Towards the end of last year, I felt challenged to take my blogging a little more seriously, particularly about seeing it as a community of people committed to having a growth mindset. As a part of this, I felt like not only should I be writing more regularly, but I should be sharing what has... Continue Reading →

Friendship with God

Here at the Growth Mandate we want to make sure that we hear from different people, who are passionate about growth. This month we have a guest post from my fantastic, faith filled friend Maxine. Read what she has to say below. Friendship with GodImagine never being able to hear. You've never heard your favourite... Continue Reading →

The View From 30,000ft

Some of my favourite videos on Youtube are the videos of little children learning how to ride their bikes. I don’t like them for the inspiration. I love watching it for their ability to hit the only light pole in the entire car park. Or to seemingly out of nowhere hit the parked car they... Continue Reading →

Tools For Self Awareness Pt.2

At the start of November, we began discussing the idea of seeking to understand ourselves, in particular, that understanding ourselves helps us also know God. (Find that here) Two weeks ago, we looked at a few personality tests that can help us begin to understand some of the ways that we operate, and some of... Continue Reading →

Tools for Self Awareness

Last month we began talking about the importance of self-awareness. (If you missed that post you can find it here: The Journey Towards Self Awareness) In particular, we looked at how self-awareness not only helps us know ourselves and know God, but that those two things are inextricably linked. John Calvin said, “Without knowledge of... Continue Reading →


My reflection has been when we do something a lot; we eventually become complacent. I think because of the volume of words we speak we forget the incredible power that they have.

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